Biology, Informatics and the Gene-Eden Supplement

Illness is something that most people these days simply do not have enough spare time to get. Many people lead hectic lives, and getting ill does not fit in with their plans. Ironically the less people can afford to be sick with colds, flu, and any other kind of viral infection. However getting sick with…

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The Controversy of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the cutting-edge technology where the genes of a particular organism are manipulated. The characteristics and structure of a cell are directly changed with precise molecular cloning and transformation techniques. Medical history shows that the term genetic engineering comes from Dragon’s Island, a classic science fiction novel written by Jack Williamson in 1951.…

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SETI and the Search for Alien Life

In the future, a time may come when humans fulfil what is perhaps their greatest goal of all – the desire to communicate with alien life. However, it’s important to ask whether we are mentally resilient enough to handle such an event, if it ever does occur. As Science Daily is keen to discuss, ‘Are…

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