Biology, Informatics and the Gene-Eden Supplement

Illness is something that most people these days simply do not have enough spare time to get. Many people lead hectic lives, and getting ill does not fit in with their plans. Ironically the less people can afford to be sick with colds, flu, and any other kind of viral infection.

However getting sick with viral infection, colds, or flu can be an increased if someone is sexually active in general and with multiple partners in particular. The chances of infection increase with the more partners one else, if one does not use condoms and any other type of barrier method contraceptive, frequently take part in oral sex, or take part in any other kind of sexual contact that involves skin touching on skin.

Safe SexNow there is a new male enhancement product (check out Penile Plus for more details) that can counteract the harm done by viral infection transmitted via sexual activity. That product is Gene-Eden For Safer Sex and it was designed to allow you to fight off the viruses, which are frequently sexually transmitted, and have infected an estimated 200 to 400 million people across the globe. These infections can affect anyone irrespective of their gender, wealth, or nationality. Often you cannot tell if a potential partner is infected just by looking at them so it is best to take steps to protect your health.

There are studies that demonstrated how good Gene-Eden Safer Sex is at boosting your immune system and keeping you healthier and reducing the he impact of viral infections. The effectiveness of this antiviral supplement is because it contains Selenium and other ingredients such as cinnamon, and amarus.

How to take Gene-Eden Safer Sex

The great thing about Gene-Eden Safer Sex is that it is really easy to take. Just like most other types of supplement you take it by swallowing a capsule. We would recommend people start on the lowest dose, which equates to a single capsule every day of the month. A bottle contains enough capsules for a month, and you should buy at least two bottles at a time.

How does the Gene-Eden supplement work?

This supplement works by helping your body to maintain a latent number of viruses that have been sexually transmitted.

Gene-Eden Safer Sex unlike the great majority of dietary supplements has scientific evidence to prove that it works. We are committed to making sure that this supplement actually works by researching into the most effective natural ingredients making use of our access to bioinformatics.

If you want to check out our research copies of it are available from the U.S National Library of Medicine.

The Controversy of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the cutting-edge technology where the genes of a particular organism are manipulated. The characteristics and structure of a cell are directly changed with precise molecular cloning and transformation techniques. Medical history shows that the term genetic engineering comes from Dragon’s Island, a classic science fiction novel written by Jack Williamson in 1951.

DNA Strand

Genetic engineering has evolved over the years. After cloning animals successfully, scientists moved on to developing human stem cells. The practice of cloning animals is done to change and improve the usefulness of animals for human beings. As usual, controversy surrounds this unique scientific practice. The animals (genetically engineered) are used as models for various human diseases. Many critics feel that there is noticeable increase in the overall production quotient of the cloned animals.

Plants are also used for genetic engineering studies and research. When done in plants, the overall crop production can be increased dramatically. Growth rates can be increased and plants can become resistant to deadly diseases. Scientists have learned that using a few resources (pesticides and fertilizers) with this special technology can increase food production for countries around the globe. This special technology can also be used to increase the population of endangered species, and help them adapt to their unique environment. One must also consider the idea that the animals can become resistant to the diseases and pathogens that can harm them.

Genetic engineering has shown positive results, but it still has critics. Church leaders, scientists, and biotechnology companies are not in favor of genetic engineering. The public has even come forward with its criticism. Is it safe to eat genetically modified foods? This is the main concern that the critics have for genetic engineering. At this point, scientists have not been able to use genetic engineering to perform DNA transformation. Their experiments have lead to the creation of mutations. The cons associated with mutations are not well-known.

Genetically Modified Food
Genetically Modified Food

Tough restrictions and bans should be placed on this technology. The restrictions and bans can help prevent serious consequences in the future. There has not been in-depth research on genetically modified foods. Intensive studies show that the impact on one’s health depends on the type of change made (Key, 290-8). The foods produced at this point show no adverse effects on people, but some are known to cause serious allergic reactions (Leary, 7). This is the primary reason why tight restrictions should be placed on this technology.

The genetically modified organisms have the ability to spread in our natural environment and interbreed with natural organisms. Those modified to resist insects and pests have disturbed the ecology of these insects and pests (Metz, 442-450). As a result, other insects and pests emerge and may need more powerful and expensive pesticides. They may also need more powerful and expensive insecticides. This cycle may repeat itself until it wipes out the insects in our ecosystems. This may have a negative impact on herbivore wildlife that depends on weeds for survival.

From a spiritual standpoint, nature belongs to God. God has appointed us stewards. He has also given us the opportunity to create technology that can help support nature’s balance. Unfortunately, the interpretation of our responsibility is not clear to many. We must answer to God for our actions. This includes the usage of scientific technology. Human beings are part of the creation, but we are not the creators (Page, 58). When genetic engineering reaches the point of creating the perfect plant or animal, the desire for God’s original creation will decrease.

Patenting genetically altered genes is another major concern for genetic engineering. Big corporations are using this technology to hold a monopoly on genetically modified seeds. They are making huge profits from their monopoly. Will they create a monopoly on genetically modified genes? This is a question that worries many people around the world. If genetic engineering research is not controlled with restrictions, future generations may be held ransom by greedy corporations.

SETI and the Search for Alien Life

In the future, a time may come when humans fulfil what is perhaps their greatest goal of all – the desire to communicate with alien life. However, it’s important to ask whether we are mentally resilient enough to handle such an event, if it ever does occur. As Science Daily is keen to discuss, ‘Are we ready to talk to extra-terrestrial life yet?’

For many decades, scientists and researchers have been monitoring possible sources of alien communication. They have also been sending messages, from Earth, containing details about our planet and location. While seemingly improbable right now, these scientists have dedicated their life to such work for a reason. And, if they succeed, we’re going to need to be fearless in our exploration of all that this could mean for human beings.

SETI Institute
SETI Institute Logo

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) scheme is a project that was first launched in the seventies. It was set up and sponsored by NASA. The experts working on this project have, for a long time, been sending messages from Earth, in the hopes that they will be intercepted by lifeforms intelligent enough to interpret them.

The problem is that some of the most respected astrophysicists in the world (Professor Stephen Hawking included) are very worried about what this might entail. They believe that the project is fraught with risk, because it could encourage a meeting with a civilisation far in advance of our own. And, there is simply no way to know whether it would be friendly.

For neuropsychologist Gabriel de la Torre, the social and ethical consequences of such an event are of great importance. His work explores the moral implications of choosing to communicate with an alien lifeform, on behalf of a whole world full of people. Torre actually believes that human beings are not ready to meet extra-terrestrials. According to this specialist, we just don’t have the knowledge and awareness to handle such a huge event.

A study published in the scientific journal, Acta Astronautica, investigates the psycho-educational implications of communication with alien life. This work is a little more complex than it first sounds, because the researchers have been discussing the potential for a new kind of cosmic consciousness. They believe that, in many ways, religion is holding human beings back from being fully prepared to meet extra-terrestrial life.

Search for Alien Life
Search for Alien Life

In other words, people are too quick to use conventional concepts of morality as a way to judge the appropriateness of alien contact. Is it useful, for example, that we are so prone to thinking of alien life as either ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ when these are concepts that we have created for ourselves? Do they have any place in the discourse about extra-terrestrial contact or are they holding us back from the bigger picture?

Only time will tell whether these very human issues will hurt or harm our quest to discover alien life. Or, whether alien life will be so far advanced that contact will be very different to the way we have imagined it, countless times, in science fiction novels and movies.