Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the skin tends to expand faster than the inner layer of the skin. It is easy to see many people today searching for ways to deal with stretch marks. It is more reason to see why many companies today have invested heavily in making products that all claim to eliminate stretch marks. However, many individuals find it hard to believe in such products because of other frustrated users.

How are stretch marks formed?

Before combating the stretch marks, it is important to understand what causes them in the first place. The stretch marks are treated as scars that are formed when the skin is stretched beyond its limit and makes it hard for it to recover to its former look. The stretch marks are commonly associated with pregnant women, body builders, and people who tend to gain and lose weight suddenly.

How effective are the creams?

Severe Stretch Marks
A woman with severe stretch marks

The problem today is that many people are led to believe that any product on the market can work for them. It has made the stretch mark removal products labelled as the multi-billion industry. Today you will find many methods of stretch mark removal such as the creams, laser surgery, supplements and many others that promise fast results. Because of the many promises and lack of results, many people are now questioning the effectiveness of these methods. It is the reason you will find many people checking out natural methods of eliminating stretch marks.

Sometimes it is better to prevent the stretch marks from happening in the first place rather than having to deal with them later on. So far, no treatment has been able to completely remove the scars of stretch marks, but there is a chance of minimizing the effects. The use of tretion cream for six months during pregnancy has shown to help keep the stretch marks manageable.

How do genes affect stretch marks?

Genetics has been seen as another big factor that will influence the occurrence of genes in a person. If your mother or sister had stretch marks during pregnancy, then it is highly likely that you will have them too during such a period. Genes too affect how a person responds to the stretch mark treatments. Some might respond faster while others tend to take some time to deal with these marks.

Women who have less occurrence of stretch marks come from a family with fewer cases of the condition in the family tree.

The use of essential oils is the most recommended way of eliminating the stretch marks naturally. Such oils help in improving the blood circulation in the whole body, thus ensuring the skin will receive enough oxygen, nutrients and energy for faster healing. Soon or later, the skin gets smoother and erases the stretch marks.

Using Aloe Vera is another great way of restoring the skin elasticity that might have been damaged by the stretch marks. You need to apply the gel on the affected area of the body for a couple of weeks to see some difference. The marks will start to fade gradually until they are all eliminated.

Rather than always using the creams and other methods blindly, consider using the natural methods first. They are known to keep your skin safe from further damage.

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